Were you aware that the name Ashiatsu massage therapy comes from the Japanese? Yes! In Japanese ashi means foot and atsu means pressure. Many Ashiatsu massage therapists utilize a foundation in Oriental Medicine with Ashiatsu Massage Therapy.  Miami Massage Therapy massage therapists combine their knowledge of acupuncture points in combination with the Ashiatsu massage therapy techniques, combined with years of practice, licensing and experience to provide a healing massage therapy session.

Ashiatsu massage therapists provide the client a plethora of massage therapy tools in a massage therapy session. For example Ashiatsu massage therapy utilizes different parts of their feet to produce pressure into the body during a massage therapy session, Ashiatsu massage therapy also uses knees, elbows, and forearms as points of contact in Ashiatsu massage therapy as well.

Often massage therapy people who have an interest in deep tissue massage therapy or Trigger Point massage therapy and even Sports Massage therapy will soon discover Ashiatsu massage therapy as favorite among deep tissue massage therapies. In Ashiatsu massage therapy the massage therapist will use the sesamoid bone, the heel, the arch and the plantar exterior of their own foot as points of contact pressure. Ashiatsu massage therapy can be easily integrated into any style of massage therapy session.

Just by having the use of Ashiatsu massage therapy bars available and being able to hold onto Ashiatsu massage therapy bars while applying Ashiatsu massage therapy pressure to parts of the body such as legs, back, arms, and chest, offers the massage therapy client much more lasting compression, and shear force than a massage therapist could apply without the use of Ashiatsu massage therapy bars as a leverage tool.

Whatever your massage therapy preferences, there are many ancient Asian massage therapy treatments to choose from. Explore your massage therapy options by adding these interesting and beneficial massage therapies into your health regimen.