Dec 29th 2022

Four Hands Massage

Personally as an individual whom is extremely particular and very familiar with many styles of massage therapies. Durning this past Art Basel in Miami Beach both of my feet hurt from walking all day.  I was also suffering from a bit of lower back pain from long hours of work related activities. To make a long story short I scheduled a four hands massage for that same day during Art Basel.  I new exactly what I wanted. I wanted Tui Na, I wanted Ashiatsu, I wanted Reflexology, I wanted Thai massage, I wanted CranialSacral and a wanted a full body massage consisting of a relaxing Swedish massage.  With that said, One massage therapist started with Tui Na while the other was massaging my feet. Both massage therapists would switch off between Tui Na and Reflexology.  Then one of the massage therapists started performing Ashiatsu while the other massage therapist was doing foot massage or Reflexology on my hands. Then one of the massage therapists began Thai massage while the other massage therapist was still giving me a foot massage. Now That I’m sharing this recipe, this is actually a very special Four hands massage therapy session. The massage therapists must have a very advanced skill set to know these massage modalities.  Now during this massage session  I’ve been receiving a lot of therapeutic massage styles and by now my muscles have been tenderized quite a bit.

A side note, I think is the only way to perform a massage wit one therapist or a four hands massage, is the massage therapist MUST keep both of their hands on you AT ALL TIMES.  I feel a four hands massage is absolutely delicious when one of the therapists is making certain that my feet are being massaged at all times during the massage therapy session. This also ensures that the massage therapists don’t get in each others way during the massage session.

Back to what I was describing. Now after all the therapeutic massage both massage therapists move into a full body massage and relaxing Swedish massage along with CraniaSacral therapy and the continued Reflexology. By now my body’s serotonin and dopamine levels are “through the roof.”  Also I need to mention that its super important the person receiving the massage is also performing their breathe work during the entire massage session.  Its getting late so I’m going to have to cut this short,  so remember to always have both of your massage therapists keep both of their hands hands on you all the time and having either one of the massage therapists massaging your feet during your entire full body massage session, and most important perform your breathe work. This will increase your oxygen levels in your cells of your body.  The name of this ninety minute massage is called “Take me to Saint-Topez”