Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage therapy is popular with people who deal with back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. Back pain has unfortunately become a common ailment in today’s lifestyle; however, people will get better through deep tissue massage therapy and yoga stretching techniques if applied consistently. Deep tissue massage therapy is known […]


Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is often the unsung hero when it comes to keeping you healthy and happy.  Despite it being virtually invisible to many health topics, blogs, and other self-help advice, the lymphatic system plays a major role in both the regulation of your blood and your immune system.  There’s actually more lymphatic fluid in […]


Trigger Point Therapy

Massage therapy is an ideal therapeutic way to eliminate pain that is also referred to as a trigger point. A trigger point is a tight or hyperirratable area in the surrounding skeletal muscle described as a dull ache or sharp and intense pain. When the muscle is stressed from a trauma or is being overused […]


Pre Natal & Post Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage Pains and aches have become a part of every pregnancy. Physical discomfort, muscular tensions, headaches, backaches, pains occur due to increase in weight, shifting posture and hormone levels. Prenatal massages aim to improve circulation, alleviate aches and pains, eliminate back and hip pain, eases muscular tensions and other pregnancy related symptoms, perking up […]