Releasing The Maximum Amount Of Human Growth Hormone Daily

Release the maximum amount of human growth hormone daily.

Peter Ragnar,vegetarian, Born in: 1941 “Wow”


Dear Peter what is your sleep schedule like and what are your hours. How Important is it to sleep normal hours

Peter states the best quality sleep you can get is before midnight.  That’s when your body’s operating on natures time clock. If your mind realizes when nature turns the lights off she’s telling you to go to bed.   Now I guess our eyes would be a lot bigger if we were meant to be nocturnal, like and Owl.

Now Peter Ragnar may not always get to bed as soon as the Sun goes down, however he does endeavor to do so as soon as possible or at least by eight to eight thirty. What Peter will do is read, watch a DVD or nature show and go to sleep.


It’s during the first 90 or lets say 60 to 90 minutes that your body begins to release growth hormone. Also there are sprits of human growth hormone during the time that the brain cycles into its Delta brain wave activity that’s when we have that deep dreamless sleep.  Now since this occurs in rhythms of two to four hours it’s really important to get enough sleep time to keep the physical body in an anabolic mode

Do you remember when we were teenagers how sleepy we were when it was time to get up and go to school?  You know why that is?  It is because the body was producing your physical growth sprit.  Another words for the human body to grow mature and continue to repair itself it has to produce human growth hormone.  Human Growth Hormone equates to sleep and sleep equates to growth hormone.  So as we age our pituitary glands produce less and less growth hormone.  Its actually been estimated that it drops 14% for each decade of adult life.  So by age 60 most people produce very very little of it.  This is why older adults sleep less.  When the DHEA levels in older adults drop due to life stresses and adrenalin addictions keep them running on the hamster wheel of life.  The insolent growth factor which is responsible for the production of human growth hormone it fails.  Now if a person refuses to listen to natures call to sleep the body’s aging clock the pineal gland becomes upset.  It’s the pineal gland that releases the hormone melatonin which is not only responsible for the onset of sleep, but it tells the other body’s systems how and when to age.  The amount of light that registers on the pineal gland through the eyes determines how much melatonin is produced.  If you insist on staying up late, no melatonin is produced, because the light shuts its production down.  This over a period of time you begin to age faster and faster and sleep less and less and less until you die.  If you get plenty of high quality of sleep the resulting rise in melatonin levels enriches the production of other vital hormones and the health of your glands which produce the hormones youthing.  Another words you start growing younger.

I hope you enjoyed this information.

God Bless

Shane P. Molinaro

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