Are you new to the Fat Cell Detox? The Fat Cell Detox is fun, easy, and inexpensive!

Be prepared to commit to a 30 day cleanse combined with physical training, while visiting your spa’s infrared room daily.

Take days off the physical training and Niacin if needed and always have the end in mind.


The goal is to  quickly bring up the Niacin dosage to 5000 mg. When injesting Niacin be sure to acclimate your body, while heading quickly to the 5000mg mark.

For example: day one 100mg, day two 200mg,  day three  300mg, day four 500mg, day six 700mg and so on… until reaching the 5000mg mark

Feel It Out – if you happen to ingest too much Niacin your body will flush and you will feel hot/ cold. Make sure to begin your training as this will alleviate the sometimes minor uncomfortable changes in temperature.

Quick note: No need to ingest the Nician on your days off.

Consider creativity when performing your twenty minute workouts  to achieve a full sweat.  The reason why I bring this up is this: think about it, you are training every day! It’s a high probability you are going to become sore. Lets monitor ourself accordingly, and do our best to just get sweaty and burn out toxins.

Here are some examples of what we did during our fun fat cell cleanse:

  • Shadow Kickboxing
  • Yoga
  • Stationary bike
  • Plyometrics
  • Calisthenics
  • Jump Rope
  • Weight lift

It’s only twenty minutes and these examples are great to combine into a routine!

After your 20 minute training routine prepare to immediately  sit, lay or stretch out in the Infrared room for thirty minutes talking with others and drinking plenty of water.

Finally, if you don’t have an Infrared room at home, purchase multiple sessions at your nearby spa, take a hot shower after the work out or swim in the ocean.

Click here and watch this Colon Cleanse video for your Health, and make it a great day!