Lower back Pain & Sciatica Remedies and Solutions

Hip Pain, lower back pain, and discomfort in the spinal column has now become a common part of many people’s reality. This can be largely attributed to the habits of over working, improper posture, sitting in a chair for too long, and lack of yoga and massage therapy. Most often the cause of hip pain lower back pain in the spinal column comes from continuous over use of the body at any one given time and lack of massage therapy, yoga or proper stretching techniques throughout the work day. Doctors have created temporary treatments such as over the counter pain medications, cortisone shots, and surgery depending on the severity and the cause of the back pain.

Hip pain and lower back pain is now a common phenomenon and can be largely attributed to our busy lifestyles and lack of responsibility in the maintaining of the body and mind. One should consider that if they are experiencing lower back pain or hip pain that their is an oversight on their part. In my opinion it is not enough to only continue exercises that were learned in middle school, high school and college. We must grow in the mind when the body requests it of us.

When it comes to maintenance of the human body a large majority of the population believe that they are correct. This is true if when one looks in the mirror they are satisfied. Nowadays people are using yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, and massage therapy to eliminate lower back pain, hip pain and to get into shape. These are therapies that have been around for thousands of years and have stood the tests of time.

Doctors say some of the other problems that involve hip pain “Sciatica pain” and lower back pain are disc degeneration due to arthritis or aging, spondylitis, infections and tumors.
Yes the body will age and yes we will get older and thats why it is important to further our healthy training habits. Were you aware that Tai Chi is terrific for increasing ligament and tendon strength in the ankles, knees and hips? Yes, Tai Chi Chuan is also terrific for patience, muscle strength, tone, resilience and balance! Yoga stretching is great for weight loss, sweating, creating circulation throughout the entire body, muscle tone and resilience. Both of these systems create neuron synapse and neural pathways in the brain which enables one to see life in a new perspective. With consistent training, good habits, and healthy thinking this will assist the body to heal and continue to grow and be healthy.

This is why it is important to add positive thinking patterns into our reality. By opening the mind to new ideas enables one to stretch the mind and open their lives to a whole new ranges of possibilities, opportunities, ideas, and outcomes. Simply consider adjusting some of the ways of thinking and you too will see more of the positive.

I encourage you to consider for your own health and well-being to locate yoga schools, yoga teachers, Tai Chi Chuan schools and Tai Chi teachers, and massage therapists in your city or town.

Invest in yourself! You are the single most important investment in your life. When you feel good and are happy the world is a better place. Would you agree?

Yoga and Tai Chi classes are reasonably priced all over the world ranging from donation based “$1-$2 per class” to $25 per class. Monthly costs to a Yoga school and Tai Chi school will provided more reasonable prices for the budget. Furthermore, classes can be performed two to fours days a week for best results. Consistency is probably one of the most important habits for many people to develop, as many people have the information, but fail to be consistent. (“Be consistent” that is one of the most important keys to success in all subjects!)

Duration of class times that one spends in a single class in quite important. The time spent in a single yoga class can range from 5-19 minutes for novice and even experienced Yogis and Yoginis. With that said, one may be able to easily perform a Yoga or Tai Chi class for the full hour and fifteen minutes however, one does not want to be sore the following day, if you are sore that will indicate over training which is counter productive. Have an open mind look into different schools and seek out yoga teachers and Tai Chi teachers until you find the person that you connect with. Once that goal is met then learn their system and perform the stretching positions and postures throughout your work days.

A quick note, to recall is that daily simple activities and movements such as walking, standing, and sitting are a full work out for the six lateral rotators of the hip, Psoas Major and Iliacus. Once these muscle group become tight or contracted with out stretching through out the day the body will being to ache and pain will radiate from the lower back and hip areas. Stretch to remain happy you can start at any age. There is an old saying that one of my teachers Dr. Chad Bailey, Acupuncture Physician, Sifu used to say, “better late than never.”
In my opinion that is a wonderful statement. We have all that is required to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires we are only limited by belief system.

I could have elaborated much more on massage therapy however, I felt it necessary to inform you of a couple of the ways on how to eliminate your own back pain and hip pain. Remember there is always a reasonable excuse to not perform the necessary tasks to excel, and move forward, but remember it is just an excuse.

All the best,

Shane P. Molinaro,PT,MA,Sifu

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