On-Call Massage, Mobile Massage, On-Site Massage in Miami Beach

Miami Massage Therapy’s Professional Massage Therapists provide same-day and same-hour massage services at any of the following locations:

  • Your Home
  • Yacht
  • Your Hotel
  • Conventions
  • Planned Corporate Events

 Would you consider a Massage on Miami Beach? Consider enjoying the best massage therapist coming to your hotel for a massage, Miami style – book a Healing Massage Therapy session by Miami Beach’s Finest Licensed Massage Therapists!

Miami Massage Therapists can come to you!

Our massage therapist have a passion for what they do and  specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Imagine a beach massage mixed with Thai massage, Shiatsu massage and any other style like Swedish massage or the massage style of your choice. Deep Tissue MassageSports Massage and Trigger Point Massage Therapy targets the deeper layers of the muscles, connective tissues and organs making it very effective for relieving chronic muscle tension. Miami Massage Therapists use Sports Massage techniques  along with other modalities like Reflexology, ShiatsuTui Na and Neuromuscular Therapies to dissolve adhesions and alleviate pain and discomfort while restoring energy, good thoughts, and tranquility from within!

Your Miami Beach couples massage setting combines Miami Beach ocean wave sounds with stress relieving massage, warm sunlight, and a perfect atmosphere that will smile upon you… this massage gets even better when it progresses as your serotonin levels boost, thus opening dopamine pathways (our mood elevators – the “happy drug”). Inhale all this, allowing these hormones inside of you to flow fully from your nose to your toes.

The breathing techniques used in Miami Massage Therapy sessions come from Oriental Medicine. These breathing methods date back some 8,000 plus years, and effect specific aspects of the brain when a person begins to create a habit.  Sigh of balance blood pressure and happy face are literally immediate. Why not have a wonderful massage and feel better now? Come to Miami Beach Massage!

The Many Benefits of Massage

Physical relaxation, when practiced daily, brings about an accompanying “mental relaxation” and a “relaxed attitude” which enables us to better consciously control our automatic mechanism. Physical relaxation also, in itself, has a powerful influence in “dehypnotizing” us from the negative attitudes and reaction patterns.

Happiness is native to the human mind and its physical machine. We think better, perform better, feel better, and are healthier when we are happy. Even our physical sensory organs work better! Russian psychologist K. Kekcheyev tested people when they were thinking pleasant  and unpleasant thoughts. He found that when thinking pleasant thoughts they could see better, taste, smell and hear better, and detect finer differences in touch.

Dr. William Bates proved that eyesight improves when the individual is thinking pleasant thoughts, or visualizing pleasant scenes. Margaret Corbett has found that memory is greatly improved, and that the mind is relaxed, when the subject is thinking pleasant thoughts. Phychosomatic medicine has proved that our stomachs, liver, heart and all our internal organs function better when we are happy. Thousands of years ago wise old King Solomon said in his Proverbs: “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth up the bones.”