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Welcome to Miami Massage Therapy’s massage in Miami Beach blog page. Wether this is you’re first time looking for a massage in Miami Beach or not it is a good idea to find out what is available. Miami Massage Therapy is centrally located in Miami Beach. So whether you’re coming from Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, Lincoln Road, West Ave, Alton Road, or South Point, you’re literally only a couple minutes away from an upscale professional massage in Miami Beach.

Scheduling a massage in Miami Beach with Miami Massage Therapy is easy. I say easy because you have more than a few options. If you’re using your smart phone you can type in massage in Miami Beach & Miami Massage Therapy will come up near the top of your search. From this point you can simply phone Miami Massage Therapy & schedule a massage appointment. Another option when you type in massage in Miami Beach click on & schedule a massage with us online for as soon as the same day & within the hour or a year from the day you schedule. yet another way to receive your massage in Miami Beach is to come by the storefront massage studio to receive your massage in Miami Beach.  We realize that not everyone who wants to receive a massage in Miami Beach may have an interest in those first three options, & that’s why Miami Massage Therapy has the mobile massage in Miami Beach. Miami Massage Therapy can have a massage therapist to your home, hotel, yacht, or beach location within the hour.

Having a massage in Miami Beach allows you to have the luxury of enjoying all of our amenities. For example after your massage in Miami Beach a possible fun place to visit is the Turkish & Russian Bathhouse, located at 5445 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach FL. This piece of paradise is located exactly fourteen minutes north of Miami Massage Therapy. Another beautiful location to enjoy after your massage in Miami Beach is the Standard located at 40 Island Ave. Miami Beach FL. The Standard is five minutes north of Miami Massage Therapy. If you happen to be someone who after your massage in Miami Beach decides to take a dip in our beautiful ocean, then your one minute away from the ocean by car and four minutes away from the ocean if you decide to walk.

When you schedule a massage in Miami Beach with Miami Massage Therapy you don’t have to choose between a therapeutic or relaxing massage you can have both in one massage session if thats what you’re looking for. With the wide range of both female massage therapists & male massage therapists, Miami Massage Therapy provides a large amount of massage modalities for you to choose. You can focus on one style of massage such as deep tissue or you can have a combination of massages in your massage session. You can choose from Thai massage, Ashiatsu, Shiatsu, deep tissue, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Tui Na, Reflexology, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, & four hands massage.

Miami Massage Therapy has been in the massage therapy business for quite a long while, so we like to be competitive in our pricing as well as provide the consumer with the best customer service. Miami Massage Therapy pricing is lower than most of the reputable massage companies that provide massages in Miami Beach however, a big difference is that Miami Massage Therapy pays our massage therapists more money than all the reputable massage companies so that you the consumer receive a better massage treatment. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not berating anyone this is simply the truth in the massage industry. massage therapists that work in Miami Beach that work with companies such as massage Envy for example don’t perform at their best only because they are not happy with their pay scale. I know it’s hard to believe but its the truth. So Miami Massage Therapy pays more so the consumer can receive a better massage in Miami Beach. Simply put, therapists work better when they are happy with their pay scale. When your massage therapist is giving a massage in Miami Beach it’s important that the massage therapist is compensated appropriately. A job is always performed better when the person doing the job is happy with their pay. This is very important for the not just the therapist, and the person receiving the massage in Miami Beach, but as well as for the company they represent.

We hope to see you receiving a massage in Miami Beach & we look forward to having the opportunity to share our therapeutic and relaxing massage benefits with you and your loved ones. Take care & have a wonderful vacation.


Respectfully Submitted,

Shane, MGRM

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