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Miami Beach, FL 33139 (786) 399-0048

Regular prices for all massages are located here. Also benefit from our holiday massage discounts when you pay with cash! All costs are calculated per person below.

35min $79/ cash discount cost: $59

45min $99/ cash discount cost: $79

60min $120/ cash discount cost: $98

75min $145/ cash discount cost: $125

90min $180/ cash discount cost $150

120min $240/ cash discount cost: $200

Additional travel costs apply per person for mobile massages, on-site massages, hotel massages, & yacht massages.

All massage modalities are included in your massage sessions. You can choose one massage style or receive a customized combination of massage modalities in your massage session. Simply communicate with your massage therapists so that they customize your massage session to your liking.
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Miami Beach Massage Therapy Values:

• We maintain Miami Massage Therapy as a world-class massage locality .

• Miami Massage Therapy works as a cooperative team of well-trained professional massage therapists.
• Miami Massage Therapy serves the public with dignity and respect.
Miami Beach Massage Therapists conduct massage therapy with honesty, integrity, and dedication.
• Miami Massage Therapists are ambassadors of goodwill to our residents, visitors, and the business community.
• Miami Massage Therapists have an excellent reputation of creating relaxation within the body while promoting instant neck, back, & hip pain relief

Miami Massage Therapy has thirty one on-call male & female massage therapists. Miami Beach massage therapists provide mobile massages, on-site massages, Miami Beach massages as well as chair massages. Miami Beach Massage Therapists provide massages at your business in your home and hotel and on the yacht. Furthermore, with a centrally located South Beach massage studio Miami Beach Massage Therapists are able to accommodate large groups of people and couples massages at the same time. We are specifically located only six blocks from Ocean Drive & 6th Street located on South Miami Beach.


Whether you live in the tropical paradise of Miami or are simply visiting, you deserve to have a great massage from time to time! While there are many reputable massage clinics & therapists in the area, Miami Massage Therapy is one of the few with a reputation for consistently superior service.

To book an Asian Massage, On-site Massage, Hotel Massage, Mobile Massage or Beach Massage with Miami Massage Therapy, please contact the Miami Beach massage clinic (786) 399-0048 to speak with one of our Massage Therapists!

​Getting a massage from Miami Beach Massage Therapy can not only help you to shed your stress tension & pain, the Miami Beach massage clinic can provide a sense of relaxation that you simply cannot get otherwise. At Miami Massage Therapy, our trained massage therapists offer a wide range of massage services in order to ensure that you receive exactly what you and your body needs. Shane is the best!

One of the many benefits of getting a great massage is that massage therapy also helps remove toxins from your body. Even if you eat well and use natural cleaners, you are still exposed to a variety of chemicals each day! Heavy metals and other toxins can get into your body through the air that you breath and anything your skin comes in contact with.

While your body can flush some of these toxins out, the body will also store toxins in your fat and muscle tissues, making you feel heavy and sluggish. A good massage therapist will help you to stay healthy & feel good at the same time as release toxins from your cells.

After you have a professional massage from our massage clinic, you will want to drink plenty of water for the next twenty-four hours. This will help continue in flushing toxins from your body. Otherwise, these toxins may simply resettle elsewhere in your system.

If you have massage on a regular basis, you will be amazed at the difference it can make in how you look and feel. With a greater level of energy and focus, you will become more productive. So, the investment in the massage will quickly pay for itself.

Call today and make an appointment so that you can enjoy the fabulous benefits that come from having a personalized massage. Whether you choose a Swedish massage or a deep tissue, you deserve this treat. Call us today!