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Welcome to Miami Beach Massage Therapy,


At Miami Beach Massage Therapy you will find a highly qualified team of massage therapists specializing in many different styles of massage modalities including the Miami Beach Massage Therapy special, Tui Na, stretching massage, that removes neck, back, and hip pain instantly.


Miami Beach Massage Therapy is a five star massage company located in the the heart of South Beach in Miami Beach, FL.


Miami Beach Massage Therapy has many massage therapy specials and discounts all year round.


At Miami Beach Massage Therapy you have the option to become a member of the healthy lifestyle program which entitles you to purchase massage therapy packages that provides even lower pricing. The healthy lifestyle membership program entitles a member to many more benefits. One of these benefits is Miami Beach Massage Therapy healthy lifestyle program can be shared as gifts to family members and friends.


When you decide to schedule a massage with Miami Beach Massage Therapy you also receive complimentary parking.


Reasons to visit Miami Beach Massage Therapy are to feel better from discomfort and pain, relax, and as a celebration with a partner and/or friends. At Miami Beach Massage Therapy a therapist will customize your massage with one or a combination of massage techniques.

Miami Beach Massage Therapy therapists objective is to for you to come out of your massage session feeling better and more relaxed.


There are  other several reasons to consider having a massage at Miami Beach Massage Therapy.


The massage techniques at Miami Beach Massage Therapy:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Release endorphins, and seratonin hormones  which are mood elevators
  • Promotes better blood circulation
  • Relieves pain in the neck, back and hip
  • Promotes joint flexibility
  • Promotes a youthful look


Miami Beach Beach Massage Therapy techniques promote better sleep.

A cranial-sacral massage is ideal for those with insomnia or those who simply want stress reduction and better sleep. This massage technique may also promote relief from tension headaches by relaxing the tension from  muscles in the neck, head and face.


Miami Beach Massage Therapy techniques for arthritis and joint stiffness.

Swedish Massage  is a systems that miami beach massage therapists uses to improve circulation and improve the range of motion. It also flushes the lymph nodes which is responsible for carrying the nutrients and the waste material between the body’s tissues and the blood stream. Swedish massage also aids the  lymph system which is also the body’s defense system.


Miami Beach Massage Therapy will provide stretching massage for those suffering from neck, back, and hip pain without having to utilize any lotion or oils.

At Miami Beach Massage Therapy you do not have to spend time undressing for stretching. Miami Beach Massage Therapy stretching techniques are also utilize in Sports massage, Thai massage, deep tissue and other massage therapies.


A system to alleviate pain in the neck, back and hip is Tui Na, stretching massage.

Chinese massage,Tui Na,is a family system thousands of years old known to instantly alleviate the tension and pain in the neck back and hips.

The Miami Beach massage therapist practicing Tui Na stretching will provide ease of tension in the body by utilizing range of motion and applying pressure on the specific area.

All the Tui Na stretching techniques at Miami Beach Massage Therapy can be combined with many massage modalities and breathing exercise technique to promote more oxygen to the body and increase blood circulation.

Another type of stretching massage at Miami Beach Massage Therapy  is Thai massage also known as a form of therapeutic massage .

Thai massage is a stretching massage that comes directly from Thailand.

This stretching massage combines the use of hands, feet, knees. The combination of hands, feet, & knees in this stretching massage is beneficial for better circulation and greater range of motion while softening the contracted tissue. Thai massage stretching techniques can align the shoulders, hips, back, knees and ankles.


Many professional athletes visit Miami Beach Massage Therapy and choose sports massage. Sports massage is also stretching & deep tissue massage. This stretching massage technique places the body in different stretching massage positions to alleviate tension, allow for better circulation and improvement in range of motion. Sports massage is a stretching massage that may utilize ice packs and other vibration devices to stimulate the body’s blood circulation relax  the muscles and for greater range of motion.


Miami Beach Massage Therapy therapists also travel to your location.

If you are looking to receive your services in the privacy of your home, yacht, or hotel room, you can contact Miami Massage Therapy and schedule a therapist to travel to your location.

The Miami Beach Massage therapist will travel to your location equipped with massage table, sheets, lotion, relaxing music and an eagerness to accommodate you.


For more of an out of the box experience you may want to choose the Miami Beach Massage Therapy Ocean’s Escape Beach Massage.

When you contact Miami Beach Massage Therapy and schedule a beach massage. You will have the option to relax, sunbathe, lay on the beach lounge bed underneath an oversized  beach umbrella while you’re looking at the ocean. After you are situated on your beach area a Miami Beach Massage Therapist will greet you and  provide you your customize beach massage.

The Miami Beach Massage Therapy Ocean’s Escape beach massage can also be enjoyed with a partner or group of friends.


For your choice of:

A therapeutic massage

A relaxing massage

A combination of both therapeutic and relaxing massage

A couples massage

A group massage

A mobile massage or

A beach massage


Miami Beach Massage Therapy will set the tone.  We appreciate you reading this information on the importance and enjoyment of massage and look forward to you visiting Miami Beach Massage Therapy.

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