Couples massage in South Beach

Finding a couples massage in South Beach while enjoying South Florida’s way of life will be much deserved.  With all the activities taking place such as Jet Skiing, Dancing, morning & sunset walks on the beach and shopping on Ocean Drive & Lincoln Road. Are some of the more common activities that can cause achy feet, tight hips and a tight lower back causing lower back pain and hip pain.

You’ll easily find a massage studio or mobile massage services that specializes in couples massage in South Beach.  Miami Massage Therapy provides relaxing massages that incorporate instant lower back pain relief, hip pain relief, and foot pain relief.

When visiting Miami Massage Therapy you will be suprized with our outstanding customer services. With complentary red & white wine & cocktails, many of the guests who arrive for their couples massage in South Beach here at Miami Massage Therapy find themselfes enjoying a couple of shots of Tequila having a few good laughs together enjoying the moment while their massage therapists wait to accommodate them with their customized couples massage in South Beach.

All of the massage services on the massage menu at Miami Massage Therapy are included in a couples massage session, aside from Hot Stone massage & Aromatherapy which is an additional cost.

Miami Massage Therapy also provides couples massages on the beach. these massage services can be added to your massage services during the time you make a reservation.  The beach massage service sets you up just feet away from the ocean shore line in a Thai massage setting located on the warm Miami Beach Sand located at 4th street and Ocean Drive (on the beach.).  This ocean escape couples massage is a wonderful way to start the morning or a relaxing way to watch the sunset while receiving your couples massage services.  To find out more about these massage services give us a call today.

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