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Pre Natal & Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal & Post Natal Massage

Pre Natal & Post Natal Massage Pains and aches have become a part of every pregnancy. Physical discomfort, muscular tensions, headaches, backaches, pains occur due to increase in weight, shifting posture and hormone levels. Prenatal massages aim to improve circulation, alleviate aches and pains, eliminate back and hip pain, eases muscular tensions and other pregnancy related symptoms, perking up expectant mother mood and mental attitude.

Stress related areas which demand attention are back, neck and shoulder. Massaging the legs reduces blood pooling and full body massage to the head/scalp, feet, hands and face area provides relief from tensions and aches. All the areas should be massaged gently and pressure should be applied when needed.

Experienced masseurs pick ways that are safe and effective and provide special pampering and comfort. Prenatal massage offers encompasses a broad range of benefits such as:

  • Increases circulation
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces fatigue, eliminates scatica, Back pain relief
  • Reduces swelling in hands and lower legs, fewer calf cramps
  • Eases backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches caused due to muscular tension and postures to accommodate the increasing weight.
  • Lessens pain in the pelvic/hip area
  • Alleviates stress on weight bearing joints such as knees, ankle and lower back
  • Promotes relaxation and deep breathing
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Decreased insomnia
  • Helps in maintaining proper posture

Prenatal massage during pregnancy is beneficial emotionally as it allows soon to be moms to unwind, feel calm, healthy and comforted during the period of physical and emotional stress.

Prenatal massage can be done in different ways. Expectant moms mostly lie on their sides. A newly designed pillow especially for expecting mothers is available. This pillow has deep center cutout enabling the moms to lie flat on their bellies making them relaxed and comfortable. Lying flat on back reduces circulation of blood to the mother and child; pillows are used to keep the mother’s body in elevated position. Body pillows are used for side lying positions too.

After delivery, new moms are under all kind of emotional and physical stress, especially sleep deprivation. Postnastal massage is therapeutic, helping the body to return to its normal state by adjusting to the physical and emotional demands of their little one.

Massage is usually safe for most mothers, though it is advisable to check with your doctor prior to getting one. If you have high BP or diabetes, prenatal massage is not recommended. It is ideal that you tell your therapist if you any problems or complications with your pregnancy. Duration of the massage can be anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. It depends on how much discomfort you are experiencing and how much time you have on hand. Massage once a week during 2nd trimester and twice a week or more during 3rd trimester are ideal.

Postnatal Massage Therapy

Pregnancy puts a great deal of stress on the female body. Learn how to deal with and eliminate this stress through massage therapy.

When you are pregnant, your body is under tremendous pressure. Everything hurts, everything aches. It’s important that you can recieve relief from the tension, stress, and pain. Massage after all is out of the question, isn’t it? Well maybe not. Many massage therapists today specialize in Prenatal Massages.

You may wonder how a prenatal massage therapy differs from traditional massage therapy. Well, your massage therapists will use a variety of different massage therapy techniques. The techniques that massage therapists use will concentrate on a woman’s, neck, back and pelvic regions. These are of course the areas most often negatively affected by a pregnancy. If you are modest, don’t worry, your massage therapist will be able to customize the massage therapy to you while respecting your personal limits. Another big difference in a prenatal massage is your position. Since you cannot and should not lay on your stomach, you will most often be laid on your side with pillows for support. While there are special tables designed to allow room for a pregnant belly, most therapists will prefer to have you rest on your side.

The benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy are numerous. When you are under stress, your body produces stress hormones. Stress hormones that you produce will be felt by not only you, but also your baby. By reducing your stress, through therapeutic massage, you can increase the safety of your baby. It can also ease your muscular aches and pains that can quite frankly make your life hell. Massage therapy will allow you to enjoy this special time in your life that you may never experience again.

Finding a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage therapy might take you a little effort. Do not assume that any massage therapists can accommodate you. Some might not have the experience and some might not feel comfortable accepting you as a patient at all. Ask your potential masseuse or masseur if they have experience dealing with pregnant clients. If they do not, they will probably at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Some pregnant Mothers have it easy. Yet others have to go through many hours of labour. But one thing is for sure. After the delivery process, many are just plain tired. In addition, having to breastfeed and nurse a newborn several times a night can be exhausting.

The new Mother today does not have much time to rest and relax during her confinement period at home. She strives to get back to work pretty quickly and that means, facing added pressure to lose weight so that she can fit back into her office wear.

Post-natal massage therapy and a corset worn for six months after birth are just two of the solutions for the new Mother. Here are 8 top benefits of Post-natal massage therapy:

  1. Relaxation
  2.  Stress Relief
  3. Relieves aches on shoulders or neck
  4. Hasten the reduction of fluid retention.
  5. Help uterus to shrink to original size
  6. Reduce cellulite and help to tone up the body.
  7. Sciatica pain relief
  8. Back pain relief

In many parts of Asia, many women before delivery would in fact, prebook massage therapy sessions with an Indonesian massage therapist for post-natal therapeutic massage. The massage therapy treatment is a traditional one which has been handed down several generations and even practiced today. This treatment involves the use of a therapeutic massage oil applied to the stomach and a tummy wrap (bengkung), essentially a cotton cloth of several metres. The bengkung is used to wrap the body so as to push up the uterus, clear water retention, wind, spasm, shrinks the tummy and helps to reduce weight. Post-natal massage therapy is usually done in the privacy of ones own home.

For a mother that has delivered her baby naturally, it is generally pretty safe to go for a post-natal therapeutic massage therapy. For those that delivered by caesarian, be sure to consult your professional massage therapist and your doctor. Most in fact, would recommend that you wait a few more weeks before proceeding with a post-natal massage

Post-natal massage therapy provides a sense of continuing comfort for the new mother. The aim of this massage therapy is to give nurturing and emotional support as well as alleviate the muscle strain of labor and childbirth. Some post natal massage therapies also come with a detoxification ritual that rids the midriff of post birth bagginess.

In some instances, post-natal massage therapy can also bring about a much shapelier silhouette, compared to the one just before pregnancy!

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