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Thai Massage

Thai massage South Beach open 7 days a week, 6am to midnight

Thai massage South Beach therapies provide a method of relaxation, stress release, and treating illness that has been used successfully for over two thousand years. Miami Massage Therapy is proud to provide a combination of the science of Thai Traditional Massage Therapy and the curative properties of Thai herbs in promoting health and beauty.

Traditional Thai Massage Therapy is a globally renowned science of therapeutic massage in which every pressure point brings miraculous relief. The traditional therapeutic massage, a truly unique science of Thai is performed by personnel with skills passed down form generations to generations. It can be said that Traditional Thai Massage Therapy is a cultural heritage whereby those experiencing it can feel the culture there of and Thai uniqueness in every touch. These are in addition to the relaxation and relief from the massage therapy.

Each Thai massage therapy session features the use of natural Thai herbal medicines. This means that not only can Traditional Thai massage therapy expel fatigue and tension but can also effectively remedy ailments related to muscles and bones. The extraordinary properties of both herbs and Thai massage therapy are used in many complementary medicine practices as a result.

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Thai Massage Therapy is a type of Massage Therapy that is based on the treatment of body, mind, and spirit. Miami Massage Therapy’s Thai Massage cleans, clears, and energizes the electromagnetic / energetic fields which surrounds the human body. Furthermore, Miami Massage Therapy’s “one of a kind” Traditional Thai Massage Therapy brings the body to a relaxed and feel good now state through pressure, manipulative stretching, and specific breathing techniques.This specific style of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy techniques physically aligns the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and ankles in one massage therapy session.  Thai massage therapy is considered to be a massage therapy that has become very popular in Miami Beach in the last two decades.

Thai Therapeutic Massage creates circulation, and releases endorphins through massage and stretching techniques that have been combined with Chinese Oriental Medicinal Breathing Techniques from ancient China. We guarantee that massage Thai massage therapy will provide instant gratification.

You will feel how Miami Massage Therapy provides a five star one of a kind Thai massage therapy that will physically and mentally loosen, relax and calm your mind, body, and spirit. ​Look into Thai Massage Therapy to relieve severe muscle tension, stress and pain while promoting mental health and relaxation.​

This type of massage therapy is very effective in improving overall flexibility, circulation, and range of motion. Thai massage therapy relieves muscle and joint tension and balances the body’s energetic systems. Thai massage therapy is and excellent choice for relaxation, pain relief, and detoxification.

On Call Massage Available!

Last but not least Thai Massage Therapy is often recommended for people who often seek consistent pain relief and people who are involved in heavy physical activity or people who tend to be on their feet all day and others who sit for long amounts of time. Thai Massage  is a very effective approach that can easily be performed in or out doors.

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