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Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage in Miami Beach

Lymphatic Massage in Miami Beach is often the unsung hero when it comes to keeping you healthy and happy.  Despite it being virtually invisible to many health topics, blogs, and other self-help advice, the lymphatic system plays a major role in both the regulation of your blood and your immune system.  There’s actually more lymphatic fluid in your body than blood.

As you might imagine, its job of cleansing the body of toxins and outside invaders is a complex and very involved biological process.  Because of this, the lymphatic system can be vulnerable to blockage, infection, and other problems that affect its overall efficiency.  The lymph nodes, vessels, and ducts that move all this fluid around can benefit from some positive influence from practices such as lymphatic massage therapy, which specializes in targeting the lymphatic system and stimulating the tissues.

Some standard massage therapy techniques already interact with the lymphatic system, but it takes a specialist to really know how to produce results that improve your immune system.  The lymphatic system operates similarly and often in parallel to the circulatory system.

While it doesn’t have its own heart to pump fluid, it functions through a system of muscle contractions, changes in pressure, and automatic lymph node and vessel contractions.  This is partly why those who do a large amount of sitting and sedentary activities are more prone to getting sick.  Because the lymphatic system is so reliant on outside stimuli, it can benefit greatly from specialized massage therapy.
Why a Lymphatic Massage Therapy is Great?

When you receive a lymphatic massage, you are not only getting the value that you would get with any typical body massage, but also one that promotes the production and filtration of your lymphatic fluids.  A lymphatic massage therapy literally transports the metabolic waste, toxins, and vital nutrients within the lymphatic system to where they need to go.  This effort translates into to a major increase in relaxation, revitalization, and an overall boost in energy.

Lymphatic Drainage

A lymphatic massage therapy has been estimated to increase the amount of lymph fluid travel by as much as 10 times a typical day.  This results in an increase in healthy white blood cells that are defending the body, so it is especially beneficial during the cold and flu season.  Also, just because you haven’t been sick in years, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from lymphatic drainage, you could be sitting on a build-up of dead cells and toxins that may one day make you ill.

What better way to spend a vacation, relaxing your mind at the beach, feeding your body with delicious food and drinks, while basking in the glow of the beach, than by complimenting it with a revitalizing lymphatic massage therapy to hit the figurative reset button?  Some may view a lymphatic massage therapy as a special package and something they can’t afford.  The truth is, if you are someone who has a lot of run-ins with health problems, you can’t afford not to at least try out lymphatic massage therapy.

Detoxify yourself from the inside and out by showing some love to your lymphatic system!

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