A colorful lifeguard tower stands on a sandy beach with calm turquoise water and a partly cloudy sky Nearby an umbrella and two beach chairs sit close to the water

South Beach Massage Miami Beach Massage

Walking directions & photo to the beach massage location below:  

When you arrive at 3rd Street and Ocean Drive in South Beach, walk through the park directly onto the beach.  Once you’re on the beach turn left or go north. Walk about seventy yards until you reach Estaban’s Beach hut. As shown in the picture below. From Estaban’s Beach hut walk to the shoreline.  Your massage therapists will be waiting for you just thirty feet from the shoreline.

Park Name: Marjory Stoneman Douglas Ocean Beach Park.

Address to beach massage location: 345 Ocean Dr. Miami Beach FL. 33139.  We are located directly on the other side of this building address on the shoreline awaiting your arrival.

An aerial view of a park adjacent to a beach with a dotted red line showing the path from the park to the beach Text over the image reads Follow the red dots to the beach

Directions below from 4th Street and Ocean Drive

Imagine you are standing or parked on Ocean Drive & 4th Street on the island of South Beach Miami FL. 33139.  From this specific location walk east on 4th Street directly to the beach.  You will walk about seventy yards before your feet step onto the warm South Miami Beach sand. This specific beach massage location is known to the locals as “South of 5th” and ” The New Little French Riviera.” at this point you are exactly inside and at the tip of the bermuda triangle.  Yep its the truth,  also you are now just moments away from your picnic style luxury beach massage.  When you look to your right at two o-clock you will see a white beach shack. This is the location where you will meet your massage therapists, and it is the location as to where you can rent beach chairs, beach lounge beds & oversized beach umbrellas for a seperate cost from your beach massages. Esteban’s Place rents chairs, beds & beach umbrella’s to the public for the day at a cost of $20 per chair/bed & $20 per umbrella.  Remember you can come & go as you please,  just let the beach attendant know that you are coming back and just leaving to pick up more party favors.

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This beach rental location is open seven days a week from 9am-6pm.  Lastly this is the least expensive beach chair rental on South Beach, all the other locations cost over $100 for the same rental items with the same quality. Lastly we are unable to set up massage tables on the beach do to the City of Miami Beach regulations.  We are able to perform massages Thai style or picnic style on the beach as well as perform full body massages on the beach chairs & beach lounge beds.  It’s best if you come prepared for your beach massages by having your bathing suit.  You can enjoy our beach massages with our Thai massage style massage therapy on either the beach lounge beds under the oversized beach umbrella or laying on our silky massage sheets on top of the warm beach sand directly in front of the ocean. Either way the beach massage is relaxing and memorable.

Two people assist in stretching a third person on a sandy beach The person being assisted is lying face down while the assistants hold their leg and back

I would like to share a true story with you that I think you will be glad to read. I’ll do my best to keep it short.  This beach massage location is where I would massage my girlfriend seventeen years ago. I would lay her on a towel on top of the warm beach sand as I would watch the sun rise off the ocean. I would do this to my girlfriend every morning in the exact spot at where you will receive your luxury beach massage.  I did this to her, cause I knew that what you put into people is what you will get out of them. It’s called subliminal messaging.

I figured that it was good for all mankind so it was ok. Cause in reality this is what I wanted from this beautiful Colombian woman, was to give me massages on the beach as I watched the ocean & sunrise while laying on a towel on the warm beach sand. 

Two people perform stretching and massage on a woman lying on a beach The woman receiving the treatment is in a colorful bikini on a yellow towel with the ocean in the backgroundNow I’m very happily married seventeen years later to the same wonderful woman, and we still nearly everyday watch the sunrise and give each other a beach massage in this same beach massage location that we are now sharing with you.  She is now my best friend, wife, my lover, my MMA, my business partner and much more. I refer to Alejandra as Lady Lord Alejandra. Most interesting is from that idea we founded this massage business together. Wow right? Alejandra & I are so in love, which grows more and more everyday.  I am truly grateful.  I have not the capacity to have dreamed/ imagined the immeasurable levels of love, wealth, health and happiness that would come from simply giving to some else that what I desiredfor myself. So the foundation of this business is love my divine brothers and sistas. True love is real, and it’s right here inside of all of us. It can be taught and it can be shared. In my humble opinion the answers are within the few paragraphs I share with you.  Blessings to all of you & I hope you to acknowledge the paradise this dwells within yourself.

Love & light and may all your dreams & desires flow from your lips into your reality, 


Shane, Visionary & Creator

About Beach Massage

Miami Massage Therapy’s  “Nature’s Escape Beach Massage” is one of the best massages Miami Beach has to offer. Our expert massage therapists will custom tailor your beach massage by providing you with a combination of massage modalities available including:

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Thai massage
  • Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Ashatsu
  • Tui Na
  • Physiotherapy
  • Couples Massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Full Body massage

Our beach massage therapy includes a relaxing and revitalizing massage therapy that focuses on relaxation while eliminating neck pain, back pain, and hip pain.  You can choose from massage sessions intervals of  60, 75 or 90 min.

best massage therapist miami beach shane molinaro miamimassagetherapy massage 33139 deep tissue sports massage tui na

Our ocean front massage therapy location is only thirty feet from the ocean water directly in front of you.  look off into the ocean’s horizon while listening to the waves crash on the Miami Beach sand.

Treat Yourself!

Self-Care treatments like a therapeutic & relaxing full body couples beach massage on South Beach.

Melting Away Stress

A beach massage is a great combination of the right amount of warmth, beach location and expert therapeutic massage hands to release the stress, tension, and pain.  It’s important, in order for your massage therapy to be the most effective, to be mentally relaxed as well as physically.  This means escaping from all reminders of responsibilities, obligations, and “work” by heading to a beautiful place like Miami Beach for a therapeutic massage with a spectacular view.

Getting a therapeutic massage at the little parlor in your hometown is always a great idea, but it’s hard to really conquer your stresses when visual cues control so much of our behavior and state of mind.  It seems like Americans are some of the most over-worked people in the industrialized world, this is primarily because we take so few vacations, and so few lunch breaks and work so many hours at once, by choice or otherwise.

Getting In-Touch
Deciding to embark on a vacation to get yourself a Miami Beach massage therapy is like making a commitment to being a better “you”.  This is your opportunity to say to yourself, and the world, that for a few days you’re going in for repairs and won’t be available.  You’re going to come out feeling like a million bucks, not a guilty escapist, so don’t let your own selfishness become something negative. It is important to take care of ourself first since we seem to take so much time to take care and help others.

A therapeutic massage will realign your chakras, chi, or however you visualize your own body’s alignment.  If you’re looking for instant neck, back, and hip pain relief, look beyond simple medications and put your faith into the power of a great massage that can put you back in-tune with your own body.

Look to Miami Massage Therapy

Also, it is a known perk for vacation-goers that travel packages often include very generous and convenient discounts for therapeutic massage services.  Getting a massage therapy on the beautiful Miami Beach may sound extravagant at first glance, but it is not far-fetched to imagine being able to get that type of service for even the most frugal of travelers.  Plan ahead and do your research, call up various travel agencies, and see if they can make your dreams a reality!  You never know, your escape from reality might be a phone call or a mouse-click away.  Hey, positive thinking goes hand-and-hand with eliminating and preventing stress.



Shane Molinaro

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