Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is popular with Athletes & people who look for pain relief & those who deal with back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. Back pain has unfortunately become a common ailment in today’s lifestyle.

Deep Tissue Massage will aid people with relaxing the body & mind.  Through the experienced therapists that specialize in deep tissue Sports massage therapy. A way of balance and living pain free is accessible. Deep tissue Sports massage therapy is known to improve blood flow, promote improved sleep patterns and a happy state of mind.

There are many therapies that provide pain relief,  ease tension and eliminates back pain, provide relaxation to sore and over worked muscles.

While gentle massage therapy like Swedish massage therapy, Full Body Massage Therapy, and Lymphatic massage therapy are pleasurable massage therapies,  these types of massage therapy sometimes do not necessarily offer the pain relief that is necessary to relief sufferers of acute low back pain, hip pain, and neck pain.

A therapeutic and restorative deep tissue Sports massage offers a specific and systematic method of eliminating back pain, blockages, stress and tension throughout fibrous connective tissue in the entire muscular system.

Sports Massage Therapy benefits athletes and non-athletes and can do the following:

  • Improves tissue flexibility
  • Increase range of motion
  • Assist athletes  in monitoring muscle tone
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Decrease muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise

Sports Massage Therapy ultimate goal in athletes is to lessen the chance of injury, shorten the time needed to recover from an event and enhance endurance.

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One may want to consider combining a deep tissue massage therapy with other massage therapy treatments, such as Swedish massage therapy, Tui Na massage therapy, Reflexology, and or Ashiatsu massage therapy. It is more likely to produce much better results and be much more enjoyable massage therapy session. In addition, deep tissue massage therapy, in combination with other non-medical treatments, such as other massage therapies once a week in line with a full body exercises like yoga, swimming and Tai Chi combined with a good diet, taking naps or meditations during the day followed with going to bed by ten pm ensures pain relief and a much richer life style now and in the future.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, research proves that massage therapy provides many important health benefits, including:

  • Improvement in blood circulation in the body, which aids in the recovery of muscle soreness due to physical activity.
  • Relaxation of muscles for an improved range of motion. Muscle relaxation also helps in the treatment of insomnia.
  • Increased endorphin levels. The increase in endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of the massage therapy. Endorphins are body chemicals that lend a feel-good feeling, which is very effective in managing chronic pain.

Massage therapists agree that it is important to ensure that precautions are exercised while receiving a massage therapy. Your muscle should relax in response to the pressure applied by a massage therapist, in the absence of which, it is possible that muscles are inflamed. In such cases, you should be icing those inflamed sore muscles before scheduling a deep tissue massage therapy session.  Icing overworked and injured muscles is a terrific option as a treatment before consulting his/her doctor who will most likely prescribe a drug that can be addictive and dull the senses and will most likely stop or slow the healing process.  Most muscle spasms require four massage treatments, usually spread over a four weeks period. during that time specific stretches should be done daily with a less amount of physical activity that put you there and adequate naps or horizontal meditation daily and going to sleep before 10pm to release maximum amount of melatonin and other human growth hormones to achieve best results.  Muscle spasms will respond to the neuromuscular massage therapy and results will be achieved sooner with this lifestyle implemented in anyones life.

If you have severe lower back pain, hip pain, or neck pain it is advisable that you seek professionals and research alternative solutions and take a look at the habits in your life that brought you to this situation. A willingness to learn and a willingness to mentally expand equals a high teachability index. With that in mind with doing the right things long enough to see results it wont take long to feel better and become even more happy than you are today. Enjoy your deep tissue massage therapy and remember to communicate with your massage therapist.

Deep Tissue Massage therapy provides therapeutic relief from chronic muscle tension, mental stress, and muscle pain. Furthermore deep tissue massage therapy targets deeper layers of the muscles, and connective tissues making it very effective in creating circulation and eliminating back pain, hip pain, and neck pain.

Deep tissue massage therapy is intense, relaxing, and energizing. This style of massage therapy is a great choice for people who are seeking back pain relief with massage therapy.  This is an ideal massage therapy for people who deal with heavy physical activity, or pro sports athletes and people who often sit in the office on a daily basis or find themselves driving and walking for extended amounts of time.  Be sure to ask your Massage Therapist on how you can incorporate easy solutions for long lasting back pain relief.

Miami Massage Therapists will include Aromatherapy oils in your deep tissue massage therapy session. By adding aromatherapy oils into a deep tissue massage therapy session will assist the massage therapist in helping to overcome tight muscles and adhesions making it easier to alleviate pain while restoring balance health and tranquility within the individual’s massage therapy session.