Massage Therapist Jobs

Massage Therapist jobs

Hiring Massage Therapist for massage Jobs.  Massage therapy is an honest & lucrative way to give back to our community.  Providing massage services is hard work just like any career, it will take years to become a master massage therapist, just like any career, but anthing worth while takes lots of work.  As a massage therapist you will help many people and you will meet many types of people along the way. Becoming a massage therapist you will be confronted with your own inner trauma’s and will receive many opportunities to help yourself.

That said, massage jobs will open the doors for you into many opportunities that one may never imagine.  With the knowledge & ability that come with massage therapy jobs, that provide pain relief and enable a person to feel relaxed is a blessing. With a full body massage jobs that focus on back pain relief techniques, your massage job services will take more work and will also yeald more dividends. Therapeutic massage jobs will travel deep into one’s subconcious & process of thought.

That said, look around in your city, town, or burrow at massage clinics, massage studios, & massage establishments. Consider visiting all of the massage locations near you that provide massage services. This is one way to begin to see what types of massages are in your area.

Consider becoming familiar with massage therapy jobs. Learn about styles such as therapeutic massage jobs & relaxing massage services jobs that are offered.  Learn the costs are of massage services and what the payout is at each massage jobs rendered in your area.  This will begin to prepare you for what will be expected of a licensed massage therapist’s massage job and responsibilities “in your area.”

Also consider looking into massage schools near you and learn what it will take to become a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist.)

Where you aware that massage therapists can earn anywhere from $20 an hour to $200 an hour minium?

It’s also good to be aware of some of the necessary items that will be required when embarking on a new career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  In my opinion when taking on any new job or career it is always wise to have a willingness to learn and a willingness to except change. I feel this concept is a really important point to take into perspective if one wants to become successful & climb the ladder quickly, and all the while growing your health and happiness in the massage services profession.

Hiring Massage Therapist Career

Also here are some other important points to consider when becoming a massage therapist.  You will want to have a massage table when you begin having private clients. The massage table you use should be relatively light in weight and made of good quality materials. Here is one company that provides quality massage tables click here.   Don’t be too concerned with pricing, the reality is once you commit to this career you will make all the money you spent on your massage table in less than one week.  Another point is to remember if you purchase cheap equipment it will break sooner than later. There is nothing worse that performing a quite & relaxing full body couples massage and every movement you make the bed squeeks, because, it’s already breaking.  Realize a strong light weight massage table is much easier to put in & take out of any vehicle. Also setting up the massage table and breaking it down after a massage is much more convenient.

It’s a good idea to get a certification in Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy will allow you to provide another massage service during the massage session & also generate more cash.    This suggestion is a plus, but it’s not a must.

A pleasant surprise is there is not much overhead expences once you are focused on a massage therapist career.

Massage oils and massage lotions are very important. You will be applying massage oils and lotions to your customers body. Though you may enjoy specific oils such as coconut, almond, or even sesame seed oil there are many people who can have allergic reations to these products.

Also realize massage oils will stain your sheets and massage oils tend to be messy no matter how careful you are.  I have seen so many incidents with massage therapists spilling there massage oils, its messy and your money spent on massage oils can be wasted.  You may want to do some research and find a reliable plasic pump with a refillable container that comes with a belt and carry case. These massage tools cost less than $10.  From experience I have learned to purchase quaility massage oils. My favorite is Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is used to reduce wrinkles on the face and is an excellent massage oil if your guest has to get back to their office and doesn’t have the time to take a shower.

Though Coconut oil is cheap in price & fantastic for a great many other subjects, it is by far not the first choice in massage oil in the world of professional massages nor is Coconut oil used in high end massage establishments.

Some of the points when I am hiring massage therapist is attire. The basic massage therapist uniform consists of relatively form fitting comfortable attire, usually all black or all white pants and shirt. This is a professional way to show up to a massage clinic for a massage interview.

Male massage therapist should be neatly groomed and shaved. Female massage therapist should have their hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail. Clean hands and manicurred toes and finger nails

Comfortable all black shoes

With Miami Massage Therapy massage therapists earn $50 to $150 an hour (not including the 20% gratuity.) Remember gratuity is a from of recognition provided in the form of revenue, so it is not mandatory that gratuity is provided.

With Miami Massage Therapy you will have the opportunity to perform mobile massages in condos, hotels, and events. Massages on yachts and beach massages are very also very popular with massage clients. The Miami Massage Studio is located on South Beach so the massage therapist can also perform massages in the massage studio all they need do is bring their massage sheets, massage lotion & wear proper massage attire.

I hope this perspective helped.

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