Sports Massage

Sports Massage Miami Beach 

The Sports Massage Miami Beach  is an ideal full body massage that may be added into a Couples Massage. The Sports massage is a perfect choice for sore muscles that are in need of more work. This type of muscle treatment is used to increase greater amounts of circulation into the muscle and relax tight muscles. You will feel tension and stress released to restore muscle integrity as well as overall body balance. If you request an on call massage, onsite massage, out call massage or, mobile massage, consider a Sports massage in Miami Beach today.

Miami Massage Therapy Sports Massage is geared toward athletes of all kinds, from the world class professionals athletes, weekend joggers, or  CrossFit five day a week trainer. (Sports Massage Therapy is also beneficial for the non-athlete)

Sports Massage Therapy is a deep tissue massage utilizing various Sports massage techniques as well as; deep tissue, stretching, pressure point, shiatsu, broad circular friction and  jostling strokes. Swedish Massage Therapy may be applied to increase the circulation after the Sports Massage Therapy session.

Many coaches and athletes alike are realizing that Sports Massage Therapy promotes not only flexibility and reduces fatigue, but improves endurance and helps the athlete stay focused thus preventing injuries.

Sports Massage Therapy focuses  on preventing injuries, reducing pain, improving overall performance and aids in shortening the recovery time process.

Sports Massage Therapy involves two types of responses. The first one ties to the cardiovascular system which enhances blood circulation, reduces soreness and relieves muscle tension allowing for the body to recover faster.

The second response to deep tissue Sports Massage Therapy is the reflex response where the nerves response to the stimulation, these include; reducing anxiety, tension, and stress and promoting relaxation by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. The reflex response in Sports Massage Therapy releases seratonin  and dopamine levels (which are the mood elevators),  hence the reduction of cortisol levels which are directly linked to stress.

Sports Massage Therapy is used as preventative maintenance to address recovery and assist in pain and discomfort.  Sports Massage Therapy aids in relaxation and assist in feeling physically and psychologically better.

Colby Covington & Shane at MMA Masters


Sports Massage Therapy benefits athletes and non-athletes and can do the following:

  • Improves tissue flexibility
  • Increase range of motion
  • Assist athletes  in monitoring muscle tone
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Decrease muscle soreness and stifness after exercise

Sports Massage Therapy ultimate goal in athletes is to lessen the chance of injury, shorten the time needed to recover from an event and enhance endurance.