Massages in South Beach

When receiving massages in South Beach, you will realize that relaxation and lower stress levels seem to come easier. Their are many prominent benefits of receiving therapeutic massages in South Beach from Miami Massage Therapists. One of the benefits of receiving massages in South Beach are simply that the Miami Massage Therapist are going to […]

Massage in Miami Beach

Welcome to Miami Massage Therapy’s massage in Miami Beach blog page. Wether this is you’re first time looking for a massage in Miami Beach or not it is a good idea to find out what is available. Miami Massage Therapy is centrally located in Miami Beach. So whether you’re coming from Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, […]

Couples Massage

Ancient and New Ways of Getting Rid of Back Pain                             Stresses such as back pain, hip pain, & neck pain has become a common reality in society. There are at least a handful of solutions to eliminating aches & pains. One way is to routinely […]


Abdominal Massage

This deep abdominal massage is an excellent choice to add into a Couples massage, affecting the five major systems of the body:vascular, lymphatic, nervous, muscular and energetic. These systems are connected to the abdominal center.  Blocked energy is cleared, releasing physical, mental, and emotional resistance that can cause illness. CONSIDER THE VALUE OF A THERAPEUTIC ABDOMINAL MASSAGE […]

“Do you Know What Poisons Are In Rice?” You Should.

Were you aware that Japan has inserted human DNA liver genes into rice? According to scientists, this is supposed to allow the human being to easier digest the pesticides “they” dump on rice. Furthermore one of the catalysts they are utilizing to alter the rice DNA is Round Up. Interesting. Rice Alternatives: Quinoa, Buckwheat, Sunflower, […]

A Beautiful Poem “Must Read”

Dedicated to myself and everyone we come in contact with. I wish you health. I wish you wealth That passes not with time. I wish you long years. May your hearts be as patient as the earth Your love as warm as the harvest gold. May your days be full, as the city is full […]